Sales Manager - East London

  • Bayport Financial Services
  • East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Oct 03, 2019
Permanent Management Consultancy

Job Description


To ensure the smooth running of the allocated Sales Unit by compiling and implementing sales, marketing and promotional plans.
Positively manage performance of all agents, as to meet and exceed sales targets, thereby ensuring growth and service delivery according to Bayport Financial Services business and operational strategy.
Manage the relationship between the branch manager and agents.


Demonstrate the skills to review and assess a customer's relationship and experience associated with the company's pre-sale, mid-sale and post-sale product/service interaction and quality.
The ability to converse with others. This can be done via the spoken or written word. The ability to identify and appropriately react to voice modulation, tempo and emotion. Body language also plays a critical role in face-to-face communication.
Demonstrate the ability to plan, design and implement continuous improvement feedback processes. Ensure action against all relevant recommendations
The ability to plan and implement the targeted development of staff and others within the Organisation.
Demonstrate the ability to implement and / or manage the Organisations document handling process. To ensure that the documents are handled efficiently with no loss of critical components. Ensure that all SLA's are met.
The ability to plan, implement and manage a facilities management policy and associated processes. This includes ensuring maintenance of assets.
Demonstrate the ability to manage and maintain the infrastructure and or platforms that support day to day business operations. In addition demonstrate the ability to optimise and improve these to optimise Business operations.
The ability to exhibit the behaviours and decision making ability associated with operational thinking. This includes thinking around efficiency, effectiveness, quality and cost.
Through direct observation be able to monitor and direct operational performance.
Demonstrate the requisite knowledge and savvy of the Organisation. The hierarchy structures and implicate communication channels. The ability to navigate the Organisational matrix.
The ability to manage all activities associated with the origination of new clients. This includes adhering to SLA's, client satisfaction and other related processes.
The ability to implement a process that forces the individual to constantly and consistently check the quality of the work outputs undertaken. It includes self -checks and the checking of others work.
Demonstrate the ability to plan and draft meaningful reports that require submission. Ensure that the reports will contain commentary and input that will add value to the target audience.
Demonstrate the ability to plan, implement and manage all processes that facilitate good client service. Ensure that all processes have a positive impact on client experience
The ability to oversee the planning and control of resources across a value chain or business unit. This includes physical resources required to perform operations. As well as all staff and management.


  • Matric and / or equivalent qualification
  • Qualification in sales / marketing or management (certificate/ diploma) or 1 year sales experience
  • 1 year in management or team leader role
  • Direct marketing experience an advantage
  • Team Player
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic

Application Deadline

Oct 10, 2019