e.ITI.DevOps Web Engineer

  • Digital Outsource Services
  • Century City, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Mar 28, 2019
Permanent Information Technology

Job Description


Reporting to the DevOps Manager, the successful candidate will form part of the new DOS DevOps team. You will be required to live and breathe a culture of automated operations. You will work closely with DOS Development teams ensuring the lifecycle of new code deployment is efficient, consistent and automated and that constraints are identified up front and addressed before deployment.


Duties will include, but not limited to:
Portfolio Related Responsibilities:
  • Take part in daily standups with your assigned Dev teams to both receive work as well as supply updates and provide input with
respect to design, monitoring, deployment, resource and security requirements.
  • Sit in Dev meetings at project inception to ensure the standards set out by the relevant DevOps strategies are being applied
within the Dev project especially with respect to logging and monitoring of application health, compatibility with infrastructure
design, security requirements and compliance around data security.
  • Receive Deployment Plans, validate them and carry them out in an efficient manner via deployment tools available.
  • Ensure consistency throughout the environments (Dev, UAT, Stage, Live)
  • Carry out daily checks around the health of applications sitting within your portfolio, ensuring they are running optimally, and that
log collection & archiving is working effectively.
  • Monitor server resources within your portfolio to proactively identify bottlenecks, and advise on remediation steps to improve
these be that extra hardware or improved software design.
  • Maintain knowledge of the inner workings of all applications within your relative portfolio, ensuring that all system dependencies
are both known and documented.
  • Be available after hours for application support as the first point of call when a failure is detected, using the knowledge gained
where possible correct the issue or escalate to the correct Technology team.
  • Attend Dev retrospectives and highlight where necessary issues that occurred during the deployment process with suggestions
on ways to improve it.
Shared DevOps Responsibilities:
  • Research new technologies to be implemented within DOS DevOps environment to improve the process of code deployment to
our environments, seek out in-efficiencies and match relevant technology solutions to resolve them.
  • Follow a source control culture within the configuration of Servers and Applications whereby environments are configured via
code obtained via source control and not manual interaction.
  • Form part of 24/7 support roster to support all DOS Applications after hours, where possibly train the DOS DevOps team or the
IT Support team to resolve issues and reduce the dependency on yourself or other Tech team's afterhours.
Web Responsibilities:
  • Deep dive into IIS, Apache and other webserver related tools.
  • Manage and Support our Load Balanced environment within DOS working with your DevOps team to automate the process of
adding new servers to the load balancer configurations.
  • Research Web related threats such as SSL vulnerabilities, SQL Injection, Slow Loris and other DDoS related attacks to both
understand them and mitigate them via WAF policies on the Load Balancers, IPS rules on firewalls or code improvements with in
the web hosted applications themselves.
  • Obsess about website load times, benchmark load times and actively seek ways to improve them by making changes to server
configuration, website content or location / caching enhancement.
  • Make use of tools such as AppDynamics, Keynote, WebMetrics and other 3rd Party Web monitoring tools to effectively monitor
and report on web performance of our Websites, identifying areas that can be optimized, relating to server, code or caching.


Essential Requirements:
  • Minimum 5 years' experience in the Information Technology industry using Microsoft Technologies.
  • Demonstrates consistent behaviour aligned to the Combiined F and Organizational Culture
  • Proven hands on experience with Windows Server and its product suite.
Advantageous Requirements:
  • A relevant Information Technology tertiary qualification and Microsoft Certifications
Job Requirements:
  • Experience in using coding/scripting to automate/reduce time taken to complete manual tasks.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL Programming
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory, Network Security and Networking Protocols.
  • Knowledge of Web and Application hosting environments (IIS, Windows Services)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS and Team City, Nuget and Github
  • Knowledge of automation tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Powershell, Repliweb, Octodeploy
  • Knowledge of logging technologies such as LogStash, Kibana, ElasitcSeach, Graylog
  • Knowledge of monitoring tools such as SCOM, Nagios, IP-Mon, AppDynamics
Personal Competencies:
  • Self-motivated, highly organized, energetic, innovative and proactive
  • Passionate about technology
  • Motivated to do self-study
•Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
•Comfortable with working independently and as part of a team
•Sound organizational and time management skills
•High stress tolerance
•Flexible and able to cope with change and fluctuating demands
•Very systematic, logical and meticulous
•Solutions focused

Application Deadline

Mar 31, 2019